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By Eric Harlan
Published: July 2, 2011
Updated: July 6, 2011
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Ebay, you reek of idiocy.

I try REALLY hard not to post complaint blogs, it’s usually a waste of energy.  But in this case, I'm so damn annoyed I need to get it out.  Back in the day I used to do quite a bit of business on Ebay.  Everywhere from computer parts, to garden tools.  My very first digital camera, I purchased on Ebay, it was a sweet Sony Cyber shot with a whopping 2 megapixels of photo taking technology. 

I used to LOVE Ebay, as pretty much every techie that didn’t have the cash to really go big back then did.  Aside from buying stuff, I occasionally sold things as well.  There was a time early in the Ebay days when people actually cared that they had an account tied to their bank/credit card and would follow through with their commitments.  Ebay used to have a pretty strong stance against people that would bid up an auction, win it then refuse to pay.  If I recall they would cancel their Ebay account and in turn their paypal account making it difficult to purchase anything online much less through Ebay itself.

Well in the last 2 months I’ve attempted to sell two separated items. Each time the &*$&$@$holes bid, they didn’t just bid once by mistake they would bid 6-8 times throughout the course of the auction then refuse to pay up.  Now I could go into a rant about how sleazy people have no respect for others or,  get downright nasty in my words. But that’s a general annoyance with people anywhere not just in this situation. No my issue is with Ebay.  And trust me; this is where “Sailor Tongue” would make a remarkable appearance.

So here’s the deal, there is ZERO and I mean absolutely NOTHING in place to protect a seller against idiots like this. Here’s the process Ebay expects you to follow through with.  With someone denies payment your sorry ass needs to wait for 5 days after the auction, and then file a formal complaint. That then goes into some system somewhere and eventually someone gets back to you and pretty much congratulates you because they’ve refunded your listing fees.  That’s all well and good, you’re not out any financial loss but what Ebay could care less about is that the sale is pretty much a wash, because as that initial idiot was jacking up the bids, he was also beating other people out. Who, since having lost have gone on and purchased something similar to your goods from another auction.

At the end of the day you lose out quite a bit; TIME, FRUSTRATION, a potential sale etc.  Here’s the awesome part. If you file a complaint, you can’t leave any feedback on the buyer that screwed you and wasted your time because the only way a seller can leave feedback is if they mark the auction as followed through and purchased.  So they are free to do it over and over again until Ebay steps in and cancels their account (which they promptly create a new account tied to a new credit card). And that includes leave bogus feedback on your account because you called them out and told them pretty much where to go.

You are literally 100% powerless as a seller on Ebay, their policies have NO TEETH whatsoever.  However if you’re the buyer, you pretty much have free reign.  The only thing I can figure I can do in any sort of retaliation is to “bid snipe” the person that screwed me over on anything they list (and trust me I'm gonna do it, just to show how much of an annoyance and waste of time it is… just to spite.)

So here’s the skinny (like it effin matters). Ebay you can PISS OFF, I’ll never sell with you again nor will I buy from any seller on Ebay. I’d rather just pay the extra few bucks and shop on Amazon (you know the retailer that’s kicking your ass).

(ps, that’s is the absolute nicest way I could have said what I really think about you and still be readable by women and possibly small children…I'm waiting for that call back so I can REALLY tell you how I feel *evil grin*)


Update: I was finally able to open a "case" today to report the unpaid items. And this is the pop up i get.  Hey Ebay, something is pretty wrong when you have a bot that will open and close cases for unpaid items for you. How about putting some umph behind your policies cancel some accounts garnish some paypal accounts? Yeah, I know why would you do that, it will eat into your bottom line right.


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