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By Eric
Published: March 28, 2007
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So I'm pretty excited about this little guy here. Most impressed about the full duplex.  This is certainly something I'm thinking about investing in. I hate those stupid borg like, techno roaches hanging from ones ear. Now i can have the speaker phone in the car and still have it sound like im talking right into the phones mic.  There's nothing worse than being on the speakerphone end of a call, and knowing it.


A few months ago we heard rumblings of BlueAnt, a company from Australia planning to make inroads into the US market, and here's that ambition coming into fruition. The $80 Supertooth Light is a Bluetooth speakerphone that's full duplex, meaning that your conversation will be much more comfortable because you can hear someone talking to you as you are talking, something that happens all the time in casual conversation.

It also has echo and noise cancellation, so you can use it in a loud environment such as that hot rod convertible of yours. It's just the right size to clip onto your car's sun visor, giving you hands-free talking for 15 hours, working in the same way as many GPS receivers that also have Bluetooth speakerphones on board. It's now available for pre-order in black or white.

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