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By Eric Harlan
Published: May 16, 2011
Updated: May 16, 2011
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Every once and a while you come across odd scenarios where you just never would have guessed (until you actually think about it) that something could cause the issue you have. Whether that be your catís hair ball medís are too sugary for her and causing a grand worth of medical bills in the way of bladder infections. Or a simple USB hard drive being plugged in causing a VM to not start.†† Sometimes you just gotta say hmm.

Two weeks ago I traveled down to SharePoint Saturday Houston. I had just done a major rebuild of my demo environment (including a server core AD box). Everything was working flawlessly. I get on the plane and I want to do some more tweaking. So what do you do when you get on a long plane ride with a laptop, you shut off services to extend the life.
Well I get to Houston, do the whole smoozing, dinners and what not. Go to pull up my virtual the day of the event and nothing happened just said ďstartingĒ forever and I realized I had no domain connectivity in the virtual even though they are on their own private network.

Turns out the wireless button was still off on the host laptop. So simple. Such a waste of time and irritation after that it booted right up. Turns out it was looking for the DC, and since I didnít set my host machine to a static IP address it couldnít find one with no network cable plugged in and no wireless nic enabled.
So there you go, hopefully someone will find this blog post quickly before the spend hours like i did rebuilding images.
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