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By Eric
Published: June 10, 2007
Updated: January 27, 2009
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So ever since i finished remodeling my basement, I've wanted to build myself a new desk to fit in the corner of my newly remodeled office. Well after some motivation from a friend and his sweet desk , I decided to bite the bullet and build it.

I'll give you a step by step guide on how to do it and what materials you'll need, even some of the lessons learned from my ordeal.

First thing you need to do is go shopping. Here was my shopping list.

  1. 6' Labrador Granite Right Miter Countertop - 59.00
  2. 6' Labrador Granite Left Miter Countertop - 59.00
  3. Miter bolt kit -5.95
  4. Labrador Granite End Cap Kit - 11.48
  5. 8' x 4'x 3/4" Pine Ply wood - 29.00 (worth it dont skimp on the ply wood)
  6. Hole saw kit (need at least a 3" saw) - 2.99
  7. Jigg saw blades - 4.99
  8. Paint left over from painting my basement - 0.00
  9. Gorilla Glue left over from remodel - 0.00
  10. Metal Brackets handed down from dad when i moved out. - 0.00
  11. Flat metal shim from the same dad - 0.00

Tools I used.

  1. Jigg saw
  2. Circular saw
  3. Power drill
  4. Paint brushes
  5. Saw horses
  6. Level
  7. Common sense
  8. Clothes Iron



Old setup. Love the desk, just doesnt have enough room for me. (btw I have a desk for sale).


Trace out a pattern on some heavy duty paper, cut it out.

Step 2:

Lay over your plywood and Cut out your legs. I cut 6, I only needed 2. So lesson learned. My total footage was 5 foot on the left side, 6 foot on the right. So if this is about right for you as well, you'll only need two legs. This is by far the longest step of the process. With the detailed cuts it takes a while so give yourself some time. Maybe it only took long because i did 6 legs instead of 2.

I dont have a picture of this but you need to cut two, 2 inch wide by 22 inches long. This will be the top support for the leg. Then you will need to cut two, 2 inch wide by 24 3/4 inches long back support strips. (see photo below)

Step 4.




Step 5:

Start painting. I primered two coats.



Step 6:

Cut your holes, I used a 3" whole saw but i should have used a smaller one. This will allow you to pass you wires through the legs.



Step 7:



Paint to match your walls, I painted two coats.




Step 8:

I then cut the left miter countertop down one foot to 5' using a jig saw.



Step 9:

Next I cut 3" holes in the top of the countertop both for monitor wires, (32 inch lcd hdtv *cough*), and for this sweet thing:

3", four port usb hub to go into the top of the counter top.




Step 9

Run a large bead of Gorilla Glue (or equally as strong glue) down the mitered joint of the two countertops.

DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN, the under side of the countertop is just MDF and the joint is made of the same, if you over tighten you will break the joint. (mine started to crack).

Step 10:

Get some things setup that will support your desk top an inch over the height of the legs you cut for support.

BE CAREFUL, the glue is still wet and the joints only hold the joints together the can still flex up and down.

(my cat is the same color as my desk.)


Step 11:

Find your studs and the best location for support for your legs. Then get to the screwing......


Step 12:

Add your two brackets near the 90 degree joint for support.

Step 13:

Use the metal shims to join once and for all the two joints.


Step 14:

Make sure it's level

Step 15:

Follow the directions on the end cap kit to put the laminate on the ends to bring it all together.

Step 16:

Sit back and enjoy your new desk.

No more propping up a pre cut countertop on two file cabinets. This is more sturdy and it gives you exactly what you want. If this is what you want of course.

Enjoy. (i will)


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